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Oil & Gas

For a long time, oil was and continues to be the mainstay of the Nigerian economy and despite diversification efforts, it continues to play a very important part in the economy. At PTH, we work with clients in the upstream, midstream, and downstream oil & gas sectors, as well as the entire LNG value chain; and marketing, transportation, and logistics. We engage in disputes, regulatory compliance, competition, state aid rules, infrastructure development, marketing and trading, and M&A transactions for our clients in this sector.

How We Work

Our meticulous case preparation ensures that our clients receive the maximum results possible for their legal concerns.



We will explore the concerns in your case, the merits of the proposed measures, and your options during our consultation.



Consequently, we need to be prepared to defend our legal approach in front of authorities, regulators, rival businesses, clients, and shareholders.


Take Action

We look into your case and examine your records. During the trial, we weigh the evidence, ask the witnesses, and discuss the law and the facts.

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