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Dispute Resolution

At PTH, we clinically and seamlessly resolve disputes for our clients in Courts and tribunals within all the major 100 cities in Nigeria, Africa and beyond. We have the technical know-how of administration of justice system in Nigeria, Africa and beyond. We serve the best interest of our clients and administration of justice in diligently resolving disputes via our cost saving approaches and adoption of cutting-edge technology. The hardest cases do not deter our resolve as we take advantages of problems and challenges in the law to achieve success. We have worked on top cases involving banks, tier one companies and private individuals.

Real Estate and Construction

PHT advises and represents different players and actors in the real estate and construction industry ranging from vendors, purchasers, developers, investors, financiers, organizations, corporations, and government bodies. PHT is abreast with all facets of the real estate and construction transactions such as preparation of property transaction documents, perfection of title documents, restructuring and insolvency, real estate financing and refinancing and others. In 2018 we brokered a transaction for sale of property worth N1, 000,000,000 (One Billion Naira) in Park View through an SPV. We continue to represent clients in various multi-billion naira projects ranging from project financing, real estate construction, preparation of land documents to perfection of title documents.

Intellectual Property (IP)

Our IP legal team of practitioners leads in Nigeria, Africa and other part of the globe in terms of protection of IP property rights in Africa and the globe. PTH meets our clients’ variety of IP needs such as clearance searches, protection, use and enforcement of trademarks, copyright, patents, design and trade secrets, licensing, franchising, media law, packaging, labelling, manufacturing and distribution agreements, and product registration with all the relevant statutory bodies. We have secured patents, trademarks and more for our clients. We have participated in litigation against top companies like Facebook and banks for theft of intellectual property.

Labour Law and Employment

PTH provides innovative and research backed labour law advice on negotiation and review of employment contracts and consultancy arrangements, top management and workforce terminations, employee share schemes, secondment arrangements, wages, outsourcing, pensions, and independent contractors. PTH has handled and resolved different labour and employment related cases in and outside Courts in Nigeria.


Our responsive and efficient team assists our clients in obtaining expatriate quota, business permits and any other regulatory permits. We also assist their families in navigating the challenges of Nigerian immigration and employment law and bureaucracy


The uprising of Startups in Nigeria is indicative of potentials for growth in Nigeria. Notwithstanding, a plausible number of them still fail due to several reasons: improper advice at their formation stage. Startups need swift, quality and accessible legal services to see them through their developmental phase. This is where PTH comes in. We contribute to how they create, discover, secure, and optimize their creative goods and services, enabling them to expand rapidly. PTH provides legal, structural, and regulatory solutions to entrepreneurs and startups to help them navigate all stages of their growth process, including incorporation, structuring, compliance, funding options, and employee stock options, among other things.

Oil & Gas

For a long time, oil was and continues to be the mainstay of the Nigerian economy and despite diversification efforts, it continues to play a very important part in the economy. At PTH, we work with clients in the upstream, midstream, and downstream oil & gas sectors, as well as the entire LNG value chain; and marketing, transportation, and logistics. We engage in disputes, regulatory compliance, competition, state aid rules, infrastructure development, marketing and trading, and M&A transactions for our clients in this sector.

Media & Entertainment

We represent clients within the Media and Entertainment industry. Our team of experts work with leading production houses, television networks, creatives, artists, financiers, and corporations. We provide business-driven and client-oriented services to clients across a broad. We regularly advise on matters concerning but not limited to film production, financing and importation, Intellectual property/Brand Protection and management, proper negotiations and distribution, broadcasting, endorsements, data protection and privacy, concerts contracts and procurement, entertainment partnerships and Entertainment Disputes.

Antitrust & Competition

As the rules of engagement keep changing, companies face new challenges and risks because competition laws are constantly evolving, with regulatory authorities also on the watch. The consequences of not following the rules can have dire consequences; resulting in financial penalties, criminal liability, litigation, and even damage to the organisation’s reputation. At PTH, we can help you anticipate and deal with these risks before they become problems. During the banking reforms, we advised a number of Nigerian banks on merger controls. We also regularly advise governments and competition enforcement agencies on competition policies.

Corporate Governance and Compliance

We advise our corporate clients on general company and compliance issues and ensure you are adequately informed of new corporate governance procedures and developments. We attend board meetings and will assist you in navigating through complex issues affecting your governance and corporate structures. Our expertise includes company law, sector-specific regulations, disclosure and listing rules, and anti-bribery standards. We have advised an indigenous oil and gas company in relation to compliance with the Nigerian Stock Exchange Listing Rules and the CBN Code of Corporate Governance.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our mergers and acquisitions (M&A) lawyers provide legal representation, advice and support to our clients from the inception stage of a transaction through to the structuring, execution and completion stages. We advise on equity and asset acquisitions; mergers and other forms of business combination; corporate and external restructurings; divestments; schemes of arrangement; tender offers and mandatory takeover bids. We represent a diversified clientele of leading Nigerian, international and multinational companies across a broad range of sectors, including banking; energy and natural resources; insurance; telecommunications; aviation; oil and gas; power; mining; pharmaceuticals; technology; fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and agriculture. Our experience in representing both buyers and sellers gives us the versatility to negotiate complex deal points, while our deep understanding of the regulatory and corporate governance aspects of M&A transactions is particularly valuable to board directors and executive management teams in sensitive, high-pressure situations. Our transaction footprint includes a portfolio of innovative and award-winning transactions. Clients seek us out for our expertise and experience in M&A law and competition/anti-trust law; the excellent quality of our work; our in-depth understanding of the intricacies of Nigerian law; our expertise in domestic and cross-border M&A transactions and our client-focused approach.

Technology Law Practice

Our Technology Law Practice Group (TLPG) is eager to meet the clients’ needs in all facet of this rapidly growing, dynamic and evolving industry. Our agile and adaptable team of lawyers has a chequered record of success. TLPG advises leaders and actors in technology, media and entertainment sectors on a full range of legal and regulatory matters. TLPG advises on multi-faceted commercial arrangements from cloud solutions, traditional software agreements, value added services, regulatory issues in connection with products and service offerings in Nigeria, Africa and beyond, transaction structuring and assisting in the procurement of regulatory licences, data protection, cyber security and consumer rights, e-commerce and online advertising matters, including strategies, competition issues arising in the sectors, various modes of financing, securitization, to regulatory permits/approvals in the sectors. We handled various briefs in passage of Bills relating to Technology Law Practice including but not limed to the Nigerian Data Protection Bill from the initial review stage to the stage of Presidential Assent.

Capital Markets

We advise our clients on debt and equity and corporate finance transactions; Government offers and cross-border finance), securities compliance, stock exchange regulatory standards. Our specialists assist our clients with reporting obligations, corporate governance, and management responsibilities and remain at the forefront of the Nigerian capital market practice’s evolution. We service a broad clientele reach, including businesses, corporations, private equity firms, investment banks and underwriters. We represent local and international clients interested in the capital market in line with the Nigerian transnational laws and regulations. • What we offer advisory services on matters concerning:
• Initial public offerings (IPOs),
• corporate restructuring,
• stock bond listings,
• joint investment schemes,
• investment financing,
• private investment, and
• Government debt and equity.

Maritime and Shipping

We are an established practice that provides practical and cutting edged advice on shipping and maritime matters to our clients. We have demonstrated this by our continued success in the resolution of Admiralty & Maritime cases. At PTH, we have a solid and dynamic workforce with a wealth of experience with dedication beyond our private sector clients. We are deliberate about contributing to the growth of the Nigerian maritime industry. PTH’s maritime expertise covers:
• General Maritime Litigation/ Arbitration
• Registration of Vessels
• Energy and offshore Operations
• Protection and Indemnity
• Marine Insurance
• International Sale and Trade
• Charter Party Advisory Services
• Vessel Acquisition and Finance
• Cargo Claim
• Vessel Arrests
• Cargo Defense
• Ship Building Contracts
• Vessel Finance and Funds Access

Sports Law

At PTH, we have a team of dedicated Sports lawyers that provide an extensive range of sports-related advisory services to local and international clients in Nigeria. Our clientele includes but is not limited to sports clubs, organizations and agencies, governing bodies, athletes, sports brands and corporations that engage the sporting industry. We routinely provide our clients with sports deal advisory services, intellectual property advisory, Regulatory and Compliance advisory, general sport contractual advisory. Our transactional advisory prowess offers corporate and commercial concerning advisory to our corporate clients while paying attention to the dynamics and intricacies that underlie the Nigerian sporting industry. Additionally, our sports team collaborates with our dispute resolution group to advise and represent clients on sports-related disputes. However, our lawyers consult beyond the private sector. We leverage our in-depth sector knowledge and experience in paving a path for advancing the Nigerian Sport’s industry. For example, we have provided Sports governance and compliance advisory services to the Nigerian Government. Our goal is to help our clients maximize their sports business while also playing our part in ensuring that the industry grows to meet international standards.

Aviation and Space Law

Space exploration and development has been essential to global scientific and technological advancements. As the world continues to embark on space-related projects, PTH has positioned itself to lead the provision of legal advisory services to players in the Aviation and Space Law industry. Our Aviation team consists of experts with significant experience in the Aviation sector of the economy. The PTH Space Law Practice is dedicated to the continued development of Nigeria’s space program’s regulatory framework. Our space law practice is designed to offer advisory and policy-oriented services to both the public and private sectors.

Project Finance

Our Project Finance practice offers market-leading expertise in legal matters related to project structuring and development, financing, government regulations, construction and other contract issues across a range of sectors, including power generation and transmission; oil and gas; infrastructure (including highways, airports, bridges, railways and ports); mining and metals; water and wastewater treatment etc. We represent clients, including sponsors, commercial banks and government lenders, and multilateral and bilateral agencies, for all forms of transactions, from diverse international co-financing to capital market-based project financing to Islamic financing. Our lawyers have unrivalled insights into local business traditions and labour practices, allowing us to have local expertise and experience in-depth. Leveraging on our extensive experience, we treat our clients’ project development and financing as an integrated discipline bringing a wide variety of projects to completion. We aim to provide more than just legal advice. We focus on strategy and business impact on our clients.


We work with telecommunications clients as they anticipate and manage competition, consolidation and globalization in the industry. Our clients across the industry—in broadband, mobile and satellite—operate in both mature and emerging markets. We handle licensing and other compliances issues, acquisitions of rights of way, financing, operations, competition law, information technology including software, licensing, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, debt restructuring and dispute resolution among others.

Mining & Metals

Mining in Nigeria is a vital aspect of diversifying the Nigerian economy. As with agriculture, the extractive industry is once again receiving the attention of the government. We provide legal advisory services on the procurement of licenses and permits for mineral exploration, development and extraction, investment in mining activity, mining-related tax issues, project finance options, operational issues, project documentation and regulatory compliance. We are well versed in mining policies, as well as mining rules and regulations. As such, we advise on matters concerning the mining and production of other minerals and metals.

Power & Renewable Energy

With climate change as a dominant global conversation, the power and renewable energy sector is experiencing change at a rapid pace. As always, this comes with challenges but also with opportunities that a trusted adviser can help with maximising. PTH is that trusted firm that can help with providing the full spectrum of legal support to a diverse range of clients in the Nigerian power sector, including governments, project proponents, investors, financial institutions, operators, suppliers and regulators; with our capability extending through the entire project/plant life cycle. We have expertise in the areas of renewable energy, power generation, and transmission; chemicals/petrochemicals and much more. The PTH team is at the forefront of the renewables space, particularly solar power and wind, where Nigerian legal expertise is rare, having advised on some of the largest photovoltaic projects in the country. We advised on the development of a utility-scale photovoltaic project in the northern part of the country, and on a commercial rooftop solar project in the southern part of the country.


Nigeria’s banking and finance sectors, as well as the laws that regulate them, are dynamic and evolving globally. Our lawyers remain at the forefront of regulatory and policy developments to help our clients navigate through rapidly-changing terrain, to seize new opportunities and achieve strategic goals. We advise financial institutions, top multi-national companies and investors on cutting-edge finance transactions across various industries and guide Nigerian financial institutions on their day-to-day business operations. With our extensive experience and bespoke legal services, we can devise creative solutions and innovative strategies on challenging and complex transactions.

Corporate Commercial & Business Advisory

Our team provides advice to foreign companies on investment regulations in various sectors. It offers a wide range of advisory services on all foreign businesses’ requirements to set up in Nigeria. We advise immigration matters concerning entry permits, long-stay visas, work permits and expatriate quotas, legal vehicles such as joint ventures, labour, and employment laws. We understand Nigeria’s business environment and the changing landscape. This places us in an excellent position to inform our clients of laws and regulations that potentially affect their business interests. The firm assists and represents foreign companies before the regulatory authorities, including the Nigerian Investment and Promotion Commission (NIPC), Federal Ministry for the Interior, National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP), Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS), and other relevant government agencies. Our lawyers advise on trade-related issues that directly impact foreign investment in Nigeria and have significant experience in private equity, joint venture agreements, mergers & acquisitions, and capital market transactions.


With tax revenues only contributing about 5.1% to Nigeria’s GDP in 2017, which is significantly lower than the optimal ratio of 12.75%, the focus of the federal government, state governments and local municipalities on alternatives to oil revenues has led to considerable efforts to increase tax revenue levels significantly. This, coupled with the multiplicity of tax regimes applicable in Nigeria, presents significant challenges for companies and businesses that carry on business in Nigeria and even international companies that could potentially fall into Nigeria’s tax bracket. We work with our clients to ensure that they effectively manage and resolve the various tax challenges that they face. We offer comprehensive tax advice, tailored to our clients’ specific needs, and provide all-inclusive tax planning to avoid potential tax issues or liabilities and minimise the tax burden. With decades of experience, our tax law experts offer strategic tax advice in major Nigerian and international transactions.
Significant Nigerian and international companies and multinationals, educational and not-for-profit organisations, as well as individuals from Nigeria and abroad, have selected our top tax lawyers as their tax advisors. Our tax lawyers also provide tax advice to expatriate workers, as well as individual and family clients in the area of personal income tax. We offer tax advisory services in the following areas:
• Companies Income Tax
• Personal Income Tax
• Customs and Excise Duties
• Petroleum Profits Tax
• Value Added Tax
• Capital Gains Tax
• Stamp Duty
• Transfer Pricing

We also provide the following tax planning activities for our clients:
• Reviewing the tax aspects of proposed business transactions
• Structuring businesses in order to take full advantage of tax benefits
• Devising transactions that avoid tax disadvantages
• Counselling clients on ongoing tax advisory and compliance services

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