The Composition Of Nigerian Senate

The Composition Of Nigerian Senate

The legislature is the arm of government saddled with the responsibility of making laws for the country.

It is a known fact that Nigeria operates a bicameral legislature wherein there are two legislative houses at the federal level and the state level, a unicameral legislature is being practised in which there is only one legislative house for the state.

This write-up shall revolve around the Nigerian house of the senate which is one of the legislative houses at the federal level.

The composition of the Nigerian senate is spelt out in the Nigerian constitution. Under the Nigerian constitution, the Nigerian senate shall consist of three senators from each state and just one from the Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

A summation of this translates into 109 Senators representing three Senatorial Districts of each of the 36 States of the Federation and of course, only one from the FCT.

See Section 48 of the 1999 Constitution of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

Hope you learnt something.

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