These Are 5 Ways To Prove Land Ownership In Nigeria

If you’re a Nigerian, you’ve undoubtedly been involved in a few land conflicts. The sheer quantity of structures branded with warning statements like “This land is not for sale, beware of 419” demonstrates how often property disputes develop, necessitating the need to issue a warning.

There are only five ways of proving land ownership:

⚡ By evidence of the traditional history of the title.

⚡ By grant or production of title documents.

⚡ By acts of ownership.

⚡ By acts of possession long enough to warrant the inference that the person exercising such acts are the owners.

⚡ By the act of possession of adjoining or adjacent land to the land in dispute.

See the case of Owakar vs Rivers State Housing & Property Development Authority & Others ( 2022)12 NWLR Part 1845.

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These Are 5 Ways To Prove Land Ownership In Nigeria
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Thank you for the information.

Basiru Babatunde

There’s additional latest way of proving title to land.
See Amechi’s case (2020)


Can one get c/o on land that government gas not approved the communal name?

👋 Hi, Our Lawyers are here to answer your questions.
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Olalekan Ojo